Festival Special Kerala Tour | Celebrate with Leisure Tours

Festival celebrations - Plan Kerala Tour

Festivals and their celebrations add colour and joy to each and everyone’s life. With the Diverse culture and religions in India, the number of festivals and the celebrations can’t go down! It’s another festival season in India. To begin with, the famous Onam festival of Kerala. Then comes the Pooja and Diwali, which are celebrated all throughout India. Each of these festivals have their own significance. To make these celebrations a memorable one could plan a trip with all their loved ones; and to help in picking up the right place, Leisure Tours can help.

Source: Festival Special Kerala Tour | Celebrate with Leisure Tours


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Travelling is not just an experience. It is an exploration of your inner soul. A timeless journey to get acquainted with oneself At Leisure Tours, we believe travel is embedded in the rhythm of everyone’s heartbeat. Wanderlust ourselves, we truly understand the needs and likes of a free soul.Rather than combining a travel plan to the “always-see” destinations, we indulge in engaging you with the experience – with us, you are a true traveller; not just a tourist.Custom stitched experiences for the adventurous and for the family man, each package we offer is tailor-made.

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